Designing Small Bedroom In Modern Style

Nowadays, most people like simple things even for the design of their rooms. It is a differentiation between the classic and modern design since the classic always give more attention toward details things beside the simple one doesn’t. Since the simple design is loved by many modern people, it becomes a style of them. Room design for small bedrooms can be set up in modern style by doing some steps. Modern design of small bedroom can be started by selecting the simple furniture and vintage which will be put in the bedroom. Choose the simple things even for small things since modern style are applied simple design. Other side, you can still create a unique furniture such as combining the walled shelves with bench or bench storage, put some Read More


The Source of DIY Bedroom Furniture

DIY bedroom furniture will make you be able to cut your cost in decorating your bedroom with furniture. With DIY, you do not have to buy new stuff which will be used as decoration as you will make it by yourself. There are many sources of recycled stuff that can be used for DIY furniture. You can find its source everywhere without the need to spend money. The bedroom furniture of DIY is the most wonderful idea when you want to decorate your bedroom with your true taste. When you find that there are Read More


Room Design Ideas for Small Bedroom: The Variety of Designs

There are many room design ideas for small bedroom. Small bedroom usually needs a good organization of stuffs and its interiors in order to get a maximum usage of space. The wrong placements or organizations usually make our room uncomfortable and give bad atmosphere for us while we are doing some activities in our bedroom, or even reducing our quality time for sleeping. The organizations provided by the ideas of room designs for small bedroom can be adjusted Read More


Small Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Master Suite

Master suite or bedroom identical with large space but you can also makeover your small bedroom decoration ideas for master suite. Master suite does not always mean larger bedroom but the most important thing is you can feel very comfortable when you are there and you feel invited. Since small room has limited area, you need to decide what things you need to put and what things you should leave behind. Never try to put items or stuffs which you do not really need because it will make the room cramped. Tricks for Small Bedroom Ideas Decorating for small bedrooms mean you need to create more space. We have several tricks how to do it such as: Paint the ceiling with white color which can create height feeling. For the wall choose pale and light colors Read More


Interior Design Small Bedrooms for Your Children

When I was a newly mom, I really confuse about how to make my children happy when they are at home or make them want to stay at home for a long time. My children have got too excited with the outside world and they forget about their task at home. After waking up in the morning, they go straight to bathroom for bathing and directly go to school without tidying up their bedroom. I want to make them be responsible for their own bedroom, but keeping them to stay at home is a difficult thing. One day, when I gather with my motherhood community, I tell my problem Read More