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Posted March 28, 2010

Transforming a People: The Reforms of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
By Angad Singh
(KCF Gurbani Class)

Guru Gobind Singh Ji was nothing short
of a revolutionary. Guru Ji’s actions and words instilled an unwavering sense of confidence within the Sikh psyche that stressed eternal optimism no matter what the situation. This new mindset would be crucial later on in Sikh history as the faith would be forced to overcome numerous obstacles such as holocausts and wars to maintain its survival.  Read More...

Posted March 5, 2010
Wadda Ghalughara

Indiscriminate destruction of Sikh women, children and soldiers occurred, on February 5, 1762, called the Wadda Ghalughara or the Great Holocaust. In the time of great turmoil with cruel, fanatic and despotic Islamic rulers, these heroic Sikhs under Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia were massacred; as they tried to protect their families, women and children. It is important we not forget the sacrifices made by our ancestors, as these Sikhs were freedom fighters in the most real sense. Read More...